On the Divinity of Second Chances

A broken family finds its way back together in this captivating story from the author of Church of the Dog

A charismatic author with a voice and message all her own, Kaya McLaren has become beloved in the book world as much for her upbeat energy as for her rich storytelling. In On the Divinity of Second Chances, she portrays a family on the brink of dissolution-a mother besieged by middle age, a distant father lost in daily life, and their three teenage children struggling in various ways with the family's disintegration even as they conceal a secret that could send their parents further over the edge. With the help of a group of tap-dancing old ladies, a sensual tango teacher, and a lot of luck, this family is about to learn that everyone gets a second chance which, as McLaren beautifully reminds us in this inspiring novel, is sometimes even better than the first.

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Here’s what other authors are saying...

"I admired Kaya McLaren's lovely novel, Church of the Dog, but when I met Jade -- a girl trying to hold onto the kite strings of her flying-apart family without being pulled off the ground -- I wanted to shelter her and all her kith from emotional destruction. On The Divinity of Second Chances is not unfairly called divine."

- Jacquelyn Mitchard author The Deep End of the Ocean and Cage of Stars

"McLaren’s involving novel is an uplifting story about unconditional love and family ties."

- Booklist

"... an upbeat antidote to the querulous times in which we live. Why not treat yourself?"

- The Bellingham (WA) Herald

"McLaren brings light to a vulnerable and heartbreaking situation with a grace and dignity not seen by most."

- Deseret (UT) News